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Gensys Cloud Environment


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute is a web service that provides the hosting of the Virtual Machines or Bare Metal Instances to support the Gensys software package in a cloud environment. Additional information about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute can be found here:

Virtual Machine Instances

A virtual machine instance offers flexible shapes where you can configure the amount CPU cores, RAM and storage. There are also a range of fixed shape options including Intel and AMD processors, NVMe local SSD storage, and GPUs. For details see Oracles’ compute page:

Oracle also provides dedicated virtual machine hosts which enables you to run VM compute instances on a physical server that is dedicated to your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy. These are used to meet compliance and regulatory requirements for isolation that prevent you from using shared infrastructure.

Bare Metal Instances

Oracle also provides Bare Metal Instances which unlike VM Instances provided an entire dedicated physical host with no hypervisor or oracle software installed. These are ideal for more demanding Gensys tasks and workloads.

Oracle Account

Gensys user should have a valid Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to create access and maintain their compute instance

Remote Access

To have remote access to Gensys cloud Environment. Remote Desktop Client (RDC) software should be installed on user’s computer. If it is required to have remote web access (without having to install any RDC software on the User's computer), the purchase of specific Remote Desktop Server (RDS) software is required to be done by User.



Compute instance billing is dependent on the compute pricing model set by Oracle and chosen by user depending on their demands. More information can be found here:

Multitask simulations

Running multiple calculations can also be organised on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as shown in the figure below. This option will be only provided on a specialised request.