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File quasi.gp

File quasi.gp contains initial values from an earlier calculation in program QUASI.
Example of a *.gp-file from a quasistatic calculation in a right handed curve:

 Start  of  program  CATA_GP rel.9903                                               
 ident   =  quasi_1                                                                 
 head    =  Course in Rail Vehicle Dynamics                                         
            BoBo-vehicle; Wheel S1002, Rail UIC60i40; Friction= .400; Speed= 179.   
            Track geom.=Curve_R1000_h150_t120,  Track irr.=Ideal_track              
 date    =  2000-05-31                                                              
 data group yv_real                                                                 
 point number        =   1                                                          
 time                =   0.                                                         
  freedom                     value                                                 
 car_1.x                   -3.81838E-04                                             
 car_1.vx                   0.00000E+00                                             
 car_1.y                   -5.87392E-02                                             
 car_1.vy                   0.00000E+00                                             
 car_1.z                    3.32295E-03                                             
 car_1.vz                   0.00000E+00                                             
 car_1.f                   -3.42482E-02                                             
 car_1.vf                   0.00000E+00                                             
 car_1.k                   -5.56613E-07                                             
 car_1.vk                   0.00000E+00                                             
 car_1.p                   -2.65701E-06                                             
 car_1.vp                   0.00000E+00                                             
 bog_11.x                   7.69397E-04                                             
 bog_11.vx                  0.00000E+00                                             
 bog_11.y                  -1.07467E-02                                             
 bog_11.vy                  0.00000E+00                                             
 bog_11.z                   1.17519E-03                                             
 bog_11.vz                  0.00000E+00                                             
 bog_11.f                  -1.80432E-02                                             
 bog_11.vf                  0.00000E+00                                             
 bog_11.k                   2.29448E-04                                             
 bog_11.vk                  0.00000E+00                                             
 bog_11.p                  -2.19233E-05                                             
 bog_11.vp                  0.00000E+00                                             
 bog_12.x                  -1.63186E-03                                             
 bog_12.vx                  0.00000E+00                                             
 bog_12.y                  -1.07119E-02                                             
 bog_12.vy                  0.00000E+00                                             
 bog_12.z                   1.18464E-03                                             
 bog_12.vz                  0.00000E+00                                             
 bog_12.f                  -1.80415E-02                                             
 bog_12.vf                  0.00000E+00                                             
 bog_12.k                   2.88216E-05                                             
 bog_12.vk                  0.00000E+00                                             
 bog_12.p                   1.73228E-04                                             
 bog_12.vp                  0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_111.x                  8.72639E-04                                             
 axl_111.vx                 0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_111.y                 -6.66170E-03                                             
 axl_111.vy                 1.53342E-08                                             
 axl_111.z                 -2.98088E-04                                             
 axl_111.vz                 0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_111.f                  2.13303E-04                                             
 axl_111.vf                -1.78601E-08                                             
 axl_111.k                  0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_111.vk                 4.95497E-01                                             
 axl_111.p                 -6.11731E-05                                             
 axl_111.vp                -3.92805E-08                                             
 axl_112.x                  7.43945E-04                                             
 axl_112.vx                 0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_112.y                 -5.97848E-03                                             
 axl_112.vy                 0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_112.z                 -1.07086E-04                                             
 axl_112.vz                 0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_112.f                 -8.94000E-05                                             
 axl_112.vf                 0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_112.k                  0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_112.vk                 1.04462E-01                                             
 axl_112.p                  1.83250E-03                                             
 axl_112.vp                 0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_121.x                 -1.55831E-03                                             
 axl_121.vx                 0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_121.y                 -6.41236E-03                                             
 axl_121.vy                 0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_121.z                 -2.73137E-04                                             
 axl_121.vz                 0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_121.f                  1.88857E-04                                             
 axl_121.vf                 0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_121.k                  0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_121.vk                 4.67905E-01                                             
 axl_121.p                  1.06297E-04                                             
 axl_121.vp                -3.18135E-08                                             
 axl_122.x                 -1.68281E-03                                             
 axl_122.vx                 0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_122.y                 -6.16085E-03                                             
 axl_122.vy                 0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_122.z                 -1.12060E-04                                             
 axl_122.vz                 0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_122.f                 -9.15842E-05                                             
 axl_122.vf                 0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_122.k                  0.00000E+00                                             
 axl_122.vk                 1.10122E-01                                             
 axl_122.p                  2.00811E-03                                             
 axl_122.vp                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_111.x                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_111.vx                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_111.y                 -6.18801E-04                                             
 trc_111.vy                -2.45892E-08                                             
 trc_111.z                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_111.vz                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_111.f                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_111.vf                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_111.k                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_111.vk                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_111.p                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_111.vp                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_112.x                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_112.vx                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_112.y                 -1.46569E-03                                             
 trc_112.vy                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_112.z                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_112.vz                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_112.f                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_112.vf                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_112.k                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_112.vk                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_112.p                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_112.vp                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_121.x                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_121.vx                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_121.y                 -5.11289E-04                                             
 trc_121.vy                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_121.z                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_121.vz                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_121.f                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_121.vf                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_121.k                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_121.vk                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_121.p                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_121.vp                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_122.x                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_122.vx                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_122.y                 -1.57362E-03                                             
 trc_122.vy                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_122.z                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_122.vz                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_122.f                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_122.vf                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_122.k                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_122.vk                 0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_122.p                  0.00000E+00                                             
 trc_122.vp                 0.00000E+00                                             
 ccb11r.p                   0.00000E+00                                             
 ccb11l.p                   0.00000E+00                                             
 ccb12r.p                   0.00000E+00                                             
 ccb12l.p                   0.00000E+00                                             
 EOF has been read                                                                  
  End    of  program  CATA_GP