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The substructure file wr_coupl_nr1.ins

The model of the track in substructure file wr_coupl_nr1.ins is built up in a very similar way as the substructure file wr_coupl_ne1.ins. The main difference between wr_coupl_ne1.ins and wr_coupl_nr1.ins is that instead of using a lookup table as in file wr_coupl_ne1.ins, file wr_coupl_nr1.ins calculates the creep forces according to Kalker's simplified theory.

For further information about the substructure file wr_coupl_nr1.ins, please read the documentation for wr_coupl_ne1.ins

In addition to the generated variable names in wr_coupl_ne1.ins above, substructure file wr_coupl_nr1.ins also generates the following variables:

cpt_$2r.Mpi = Spin moment, tread, right wheel
cpt_$2r.fwk = Energy dissipation in contact point, tread, right wheel

The same naming convention has also been used on the wheels on the left hand side of the vehicle. The names of the variables on the left side can be created by changing "_$2r" to "_$2l".
If the wheel-rail geometry functions contain a separate description of the flange (two-point contact), an equal amount of variables as for the tread will be generated. The names of the variables will be the same as for the tread, just the introduction cpt_* will be changed to cpf_*.