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The Genterm terminal

The genterm-terminal is very similar to the xterm-terminal, but have some extra features:

Background menu:

Following popup-menu will appear if mouse button #3 is pressed:

Explanation Mouse button
cd arrowright.gif cd [dir] Go to [dir] [Shift+Btn 1]
cd .. Go to parent directory [Ctrl+Shift+Btn 1]
cd - Go to previous directory
cd $HOME Go to home directory
genterm [dir] Open a new genterm window in [dir] [Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Btn 1]
cdp Push current directory on directory stack
pwd Print working directory
fdir [string] Find directory containing [string]
open arrowright.gif op [file] open [file] for editing [Shift+Btn 3]
genrun [file] Execute [file] in associated program [Ctrl+Shift+Btn 3]
genasso [file] Show program associated with [file] [Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Btn 3]
genhistory [string] Show previous commands containing [string]
pri -pmode [file] print portrait mode
pri -pmode [file] print landscape mode
pri -help print help
li arrowright.gif li List current directory [Shift+Btn 2]
li [string] List files containing [string] [Ctrl+Shift+Btn 2]
li --all [string] List files in all subdirectories
ll [string] List long format [Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Btn 2]
lnew [string] List files in time order
li -a [string] List hidden files
li -R [string] List directories recursively
ldir List directorys only
locate [string] Find file in your system
copy arrowright.gif copy [file] Copy file
move [file] Rename file
delete [string] Delete file(s) containing [string]
help arrowright.gif Genterm Manual Show this manual page
Homepage Open the gensys homepage
Reference Manual Open the gensys Reference Manual pages
Search Manual Pages Start script um_search
Examples Copy examples from $gensys/examples

Mouse button commands:
No modifier Shift Ctrl Shift Alt Ctrl Shift
Mouse Btn 1 Text selection cd "text selection" cd .. opterm "text selection"
Mouse Btn 2 Paste text selection li li "text selection" li -l "text selection"
Mouse Btn 3 Background popup menu op "text selection" genrun "text selection" genasso "text selection"

The F-keys
No modifier Shift Ctrl+Shift Alt+Ctrl+Shift
F1   cd "selected text" cd .. opterm "selected text" (Same as mouse
button #1)
F2 Paste text selection li li "selected text" li -l "selected text" (Same as mouse
button #2)
F3   op "selected text" genrun "selected text" genasso "selected text" (Same as mouse
button #3)
F4 Close window      
F5 lnew --all -10 lnew --all -25 lnew -10 "selected text" lnew -25 "selected text"
F6 history genhistory    

Scrolling the genterm-window
The window can be scrolled by pressing the mouse button #2 on the scrollbar to the left.
If the cursor is placed over the scrollbar the window can be scrolled by using the following keys:
Home Scroll to top of window
End Scroll to bottom of window
PgUp Scroll up one page
PgDown Scroll down one page
Shift Up Scroll up one line
Shift Down Scroll down one line

Command history

All commands given in genterm are stored in a stack, and can be viewed by giving the command: history.
The user can search in this list by pressing Ctrl+R. After pressing Ctrl+R the terminal enters a mode called "reverse-i-search", in this mode you can do the following:

Command line editing
The command line is read via a program called "readline", which makes it possible for the user to edit the line before sending it to the system. The editing commands are very similar to Emacs-commands:
Arrow up Go to previous command
Arrow down Go to next command
Arrow left Move one character to the left
CTRL+"Arrow left" Move one word to the left
CTRL+A Move to beginning of line
Arrow right Move one character to the left
CTRL+"Arrow right" Move one word to the left
CTRL+E Move to end of line
Del Delete current character
Backspace Delete the character to the left
Esc & Del Delete next word
CTRL+W Delete previous word
CTRL+U Kill to beginning of line
CTRL+K Kill to end of line
CTRL+R Search backwards through the history buffer for a given string
CTRL+S Pause transmission
CTRL+Q Resume transmission
CTRL+Z Suspend program. Continue by writing "fg" or "bg"
CTRL+C Abort

Copy and pasting text from clipboard

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