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Installation of GENSYS


GENSYS is written in order to be used in many different computers. The computer and compiler dependent parameters are stored in a file named Makeconf which is common for all programs in GENSYS. The file Makeconf is located in the $gensys/code-directory. The GENSYS-files can be obtained in many ways, so please look in the $gensys/README.*-files how to copy the GENSYS-package into your computer.

Compiling and loading

The compilation of all programs in GENSYS, is performed by script Install_gensys located in directory $gensys/code. All compiling options for the compilation are defined in the file Makeconf which is also located in the directory $gensys/code. Please edit the file Makeconf so the compiling options will be the optimum for your computer. In the header lines of file Makeconf is an explanation of used environment variables.

If you not are sure how to select graphic library, subroutines for time and date. please jump to the next paragraph.

When the Makeconf-file has been optimized for your computer and compiler, compile and link the GENSYS software by writing the UNIX command "make".

Test of graphics, time and date

In directory $gensys/fortbibl/ctest the user have a simple program, for testing graphics, time and date in the users computer. Before the tests can start, the preprocessor gencpp, and the libraries fortbibl and plotbibl has to be loaded. This can be done by writing the command make in the $gensys/fortbibl/gencpp directory, and the command makef in the directories $gensys/fortbibl/fortbibl and $gensys/plotbibl/plotbibl.
Move to directory $gensys/fortbibl/ctest and load program ctest with the command "makef". Run the test program by writing "../../../exe/misc/ctest" in the $gensys/fortbibl/ctest directory. The output from program ctest can look as follows:

Before calling datim:                 
Datim:010625  12.1525002              
Clockb before :  993463750.           
Clockb after  :  993463752.           
Clockb diff   :  1.25690603           

In the end program ctest plots a square with the coordinates of the corners.

The environment variable $gensys

Change the environment variable $gensys in your $HOME/.profile-file, so it will points to the directory where GENSYS is installed. Rerun the $HOME/.profile-file or log out and in to the system again, and continue with the testing below.


When script Install_gensys has finished successfully the GENSYS package is now ready for calculations. Please run the examples under directory ../tutorial .