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Installing the GENSYS software package under windows

If program VMware is present, GENSYS can be run on computers under the Windows operating system.
In order to install GENSYS and VMware please follow the following steps:

Stopping the virtual machine

Can be made in two ways suspend or shutdown:

Suspend: Click on the cross in the upper-right corner of the VMware-window. Current state will be resumed at reboot.
Shutdown: Click on the symbol ShutDownButton.png in the top margin of the window.


In the title of the VMware-window make sure that Ethernet is activated, in order to communicate with the windows machine. Please use the NAT-connection.

The virtual machines running inside VMware acts like own machines connected to the original windows machine via the network. To check the IP-address of a virtual machine, please write /sbin/ifconfig.

If VMware or Windows terminates unexpectedly, and VWmare cannot be restarted again. Please remove all created subdirectories located where the virtual machine originally was installed.

If the virtual machine runs out of disk space an external USB-disk can be plugged in.

When a new USB-equipment is plugged into your computer. Please carefully check the title bar of the VMware-window, if the new USB-equipment is connected to windows or the virtual machine.

Running GENSYS under VMware requires a harddisk space of at least 25Gb and a primary memory of at least 1 Gb.