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Users Manual for Program group MISC

Program FILE_UPDOWN reads a text file and writes its contents to a new file in reversed order.

Program FTRANS transforms vectors to frequency domain, performs filtering in frequency domain, and transforms the vectors back into time domain again.

Program FUNC operates on data stored in ASCII-files, in single or complex precision. Program FUNC has many modes of operation, and its function is controlled by the command FUNC.

Program KC_PROP calculates properties for different arrangements of springs and dampers. As input do you define static- and dynamic- stiffness, tangent of the phase factor and transition frequency where the stiffness shifts from static to dynamic stiffness. In program KC_PROP all springs and dampers will be considered as one big coupling with a complex stiffness.

Writes a summary table consisting of results from many calculations.

Program PSD calculates Power Spectral Densities, by using the autocorrelation function.

Program FUNC_PSD Calculates Power Spectral Densities, by using the Fourier transform.

Program printing information about an input data model written for program QUASI, MODAL, FRESP or TSIM.