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Users Manual for Program TRC_IMAUZ

Table of Contents

   Input data commands


Program TRC_IMAUZ translates a Mauzin-registration into track irregularities expressed in Cartesian coordinates. The input data file is read in free format, but the columns in the file shall have the same contents as in a mauz-file. The output data file is written in trax-format. Since the transfer function of the Mauzin track measuring car is zero for waves equal to 5[m], 2.5[m], 1.25[m],,,etc. The transfer function back to Cartesian coordinates cannot be ideal, it must be delimited. How this delimiting procedure is done can be seen in the files $gensys/bin/trc_imauz_a and $gensys/bin/trc_imauz_b. The filtering takes place in program FTRANS, filter IMAUZ.

See also:

TRC_MAUZ Translate track irregularities into a Mauzin-registration

Input data commands

Input data is read in free format, valid separators between the input values are <space>, <comma>, <tab>, <equal sign> or <carriage return>. The commands can be written both in lower and upper case letters. The operation of the program is controlled by the commands described below; some of the commands also need arguments.

Equidistant step between the interpolated points in the X-axis.
The FFT-algorithm in the backward transformation of the Mauzin registrations requires that the points in input data have equidistant distances in their X-axles. Therefore the curves read from INFIL always will be interpolated before any calculations takes place.
Declared= Real*4    Default= 0.5

File containing the Mauzin registration written in *.mauz-format.
Declared= Character*132    Default= Blank

'A' If the A-end of the Mauzin vehicle is leading.
'B' If the B-end of the Mauzin vehicle is leading.
When RIKTN='A' is the script file $gensys/bin/trc_imauz_a used and when RIKTN='B' is the script file $gensys/bin/trc_imauz_b used.
Nota Bene: command SCRIPT_FILE must be set equal to 'no' otherwise command RIKTN will be neglected.
Declared= Character*1    Default= 'A'

Defines the script file to be used in the re-transformation of the Mauzin registration. If SCRIPT_FILE equals 'no' will the script file be controlled by the RIKTN command. In this command the user has the possibility to define his or hers own re-transformation script.
Declared= Character*132    Default= 'no'

File containing the output data, written in *.trax-format.
Declared= Character*132    Default= Blank

Translation of a Mauzin registration

  1. Edit the file containing the Mauzin registration. The input data file must be stored in MAUZ-format.
  2. If necessary scale the the curves in the Mauzin registration in program TRC_MAUZMOD.
    Note Bene: column 4) shall have the scaling factor 1:11/8.
  3. Remove designed curve geometry in programTRC_MAUZCUR.
  4. Execute program TRC_IMAUZ.

Example of an input data file

Following example: Master.trc_imauzf can be used as a master file:

##  Input data for program TRC_IMAUZ                          
 DX = 0.5                                                     
 SCRIPT_FILE= $gensys/bin/trc_imauz_a    # A-end leading      
 SCRIPT_FILE= $gensys/bin/trc_imauz_b    # B-end leading      
 INFIL= test/hyslr_A.mauz                                     
 UTFIL= test/hyslr_A.trax