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Users Manual for Program TRC_TRAC_PLOT


Program TRC_TRAC_PLOT plots a track-file written in trac-, trax- or trax_wdesign-format. This program has no input data file, because the only input data to program TRC_TRAC_PLOT is the name of the file to be plotted. In addition to the track irregularities program TRC_TRAC_PLOT also plots the first derivatives of the track irregularities and the Fourier spectra of the track irregularities. If the input track is written in the trax_wdesign-format also the designed track geometry will be plotted.

Input data commands

The only input data which is understood is the name of the track file. The name of the track file is given as a command line option.

 trc_trac_plot  <my_track_file.trax_wdesign>

Via the $gensys/bin/.genrun-file all files having the extension trac, trax or trax_wdesign are associated with program TRC_TRAC_PLOT.