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Users Manual for Program TRC_TRACCUR

Table of Contents

   Input data commands


Program TRC_TRACCUR adds or removes designed track geometry to a track-file. Input and output to program TRC_TRACCUR are trac- or trax-files.

Input data commands

Input data is read in free format, valid separators between the input values are <space>, <comma>, <tab>, <equal sign> or <carriage return>. The commands can be written both in lower and upper case letters. The operation of the program is controlled by the commands described below; some of the commands also need arguments.

Input data file
The file is read in free format. The columns in the file shall have the same contents as in a trac-file.
Declared= Character*132    Default= Blank

File containing the output data, written in *.trac-format.
Declared= Character*132    Default= Blank

Number of breakpoints in vector XCURVE to be considered.
Declared= Integer*4    Default= 0

Breakpoints defining where transition- and circular- curves starts and ends.
Declared= Real*4(38)    Default= 38*0. [m]

Type of transition curves to be used for the designed track geometry:
'R' Clothoid type of transition curve, the curvature is a linear function of chainage.
'S' Helmert type of transition curve, the curvature has the shape of two second-degree parabolas such that the curvature and its derivative are continuous functions (The Helmert curve is in Germany also known as the Schramm curve).
Declared= Character*1(19)    Default= 19*'R'

Designed track cant geometry to be added to the track irregularities read from file INFIL.
Declared= Real*4(20)    Default= 20*0. [mm]

Designed track vertical lift to be added to the track irregularities read from file INFIL.
Declared= Real*4(20)    Default= 20*0. [mm]

Example of an input data file

Following example: Master.trc_traccurf can be used as a master file:

##      Input data for program trc_traccur 

  INFIL= $gentrc/K0_4a21-n-k.trac
  UTFIL= test/curv.trac
  NXCURV = 4,
  XCURVE = 20, 64,  75, 85.
  TCURVE =  'r',      'r',
  HCURVE = 0,140,-140,
  ZCURVE = 0, 70, -70,