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Users Manual for Program TRC_TRACPL

Table of Contents

   Input data commands


Program TRC_TRACPL plots a track-file on screen and plotter. The track-file is read in free format, but the columns in the file shall have the same contents as in a trac-, trax- or trax_wdesign- file.

Input data commands

Input data is read in free format, valid separators between the input values are <space>, <comma>, <tab>, <equal sign> or <carriage return>. The commands can be written both in lower and upper case letters. The operation of the program is controlled by the commands described below; some of the commands also need arguments.

Define up to 3 ident lines.
Declared= Character*80    Default= Blank

The gauge of the track.
Declared= Real*4    Default= 1435. [mm]

Input track file
The file is read in free format. The columns in the file shall have the same contents as in a trac-file.
Declared= Character*132    Default= Blank

Longitudinal coordinate from where the plotting will start.
Declared= Real*4    Default= 0.

Longitudinal coordinate where the plotting will stop.
Declared= Real*4    Default= 1.E20

Scale factor in longitudinal direction.
Declared= Real*4    Default= 10 [m/cm]

Indicator for scaling of the diagrams.
ISTAND= 0 Give the user possibility to choose his or hers own plotting factors.
ISTAND= 1 Plots the track-file in a standard scale.
The plotting factors can be defined in command ZERO and CM2INT below. The standard scale is the same as the default values for ZERO and CM2INT.
Declared= Integer*4    Default= 0

Vertical translation constant in the plot, for all columns in the track-file.
Declared= Real*4(4)    Default= 3., 6., 12., 18. [cm]

Vector containing the scale factors for all columns in the track-file.
Vector CM2INT shall be given in units per 2 centimeters.
Declared= Real*4(4)    Default= 10., 10., 10., 10. [int/2/cm]

Example of an input data file

Following example: Master.trc_tracplf can be used as a master file:

##      Input data file for program trc_tracpl
                                 IDENT1= 'Track file plotted by program TRC_TRACPL' 
 INFIL= $gentrc/K0_4a21-n-k.trac IDENT2= 'Infil = $gentrc/K0_4a21-n-k.trac        '
                                 IDENT3= ' '
 GAUGE = 1435
 XSTART=  0  XSTOP= 1.E30   XSKALA= 50
 ZERO  =  3  6 12 20
 CM2INT= 10 10 10 10
 ILASER= 6     POSTFI= diags/trc_tracpl.ps