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Users Manual for Program TRC_UPDOWN

Table of Contents

   Input data commands


Program TRC_UPDOWN reads file INFIL in free format, but the columns in the file shall have the same contents as in a trac-, trax- or trax_wdesign- file. Program TRC_UPDOWN then writes the track to UTFIL in opposite order, starting with the last line and ending with the first line. At the same time program TRC_UPDOWN changes the sign for the signals: lateral track center line, curvature and cant. The first column (longitudinal distance) of the track-file will be renumbered, starting at coordinate XSTART.

Input data commands

Input data is read in free format, valid separators between the input values are <space>, <comma>, <tab>, <equal sign> or <carriage return>. The commands can be written both in lower and upper case letters. The operation of the program is controlled by the commands described below; some of the commands also need arguments.

Choose the format of the output data file UTFIL.
The user can choose in between the following formats: trac, trax.
Declared= Character*12    Default= trax_wdesign

Input track file
The file is read in free format. The columns in the file shall have the same contents as in a trac-file.
Declared= Character*132    Default= Blank

Output data file in different formats depending on FORMAT.
Declared= Character*132    Default= Blank

Output start coordinate.
Declared= Real*8    Default= 0.

Example of an input data file

Following example: Master.trc_updownf can be used as a master file:

##      Input data for program TRC_UPDOWN 

  FORMAT= trax_wdesign
  XSTART= 0.
  INFIL= $gentrc/K0_4a21-n-k.trac
  UTFIL= K0_4a21-n-k_back.trac