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Technical data of the GENSYS package

Operating System Unix Sys V
Today GENSYS is installed on the following platforms:
HP workstations running under HP-UX, IBM workstations running under AIX, Sun workstations running under Sun_OS and Solaris, Silicon Graphics INDIGO workstation and PC-computers with Intel and Alpha processors running under Linux. If program VMware Player is installed, GENSYS can also run on computers with the Windows operating system.
Graphic environment X-windows X11R5 or newer.
Primary memory At least 1 Gb
Disk Usage
Documentation 148 Mb
Executable code 200 Mb
Source code 70 Mb (Number of lines: 1.191.496)
Object code 130 Mb
Examples 70 Mb
Total 618 Mb
Programming Language Fortran F95, C and C++.
Fortran is used for calculations, C is used in the graphical user interface.
Graphic output Postscript, PDF, HPGL, PCL-5, DXF.