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  1. Better calculation of spin moment in func fl_wear_w. The range of normalized spin has been increased from -4 to +4 up to -8 to +8. Also two extra values has been added at -.5 and .5.
  2. Accept character variables in command func print06_all, func print06_init and func print06_quasi.
  3. New command cosim_server_udp, and a new example that shows how to make a co-simulation with octave.
  4. New command func atan2. Arc-tangent function with two argument, nominator and denominator. To be able to calculate all angles even π/ 2.


  1. Better error messages if the user has mispelled a name of a variable.


  1. In diagrams CONNr and CONNl write:
    Sd=Flange height
    Sh=Flange thickness
    qR=Flange angle
  2. Command IWHEEL_SPACING has been removed form input data list. Only the following input data arguments are used:
    bo =Lateral distance to origin of wheel and rail
    ORIGIN_TO_GAUGE =Lateral distance from origin to Gauge Measuring Point
    ORIGIN_TO_IWHEEL=Lateral distance from origin to inside wheel


  1. Don't read the X-axis, because we are not sure in which column it is written. Always translate the whole file.

Gensys_complete Shift+Alt+Return

  1. In nedit words will be completed if you press the keys "Shift+Alt+Return" simultaneously. This completion also works for regular expressions.

Tutorials 1506

Example intro_tutor_3_bobo_pe3 has been extended with the following tasks:

  1. How to change between different wheel/rail-contact models
  2. How to model flange lubrication
  3. How to model gauge corner lubrication
  4. How to model individually rotating wheels
  5. A vehicle with faults where the student shall find the errors