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  1. New command "coupl m_flex_m6", which handles free-free body vibrations when the attachment point is moving.
  2. New Command "idebug_file_read" which reads the model from an idebug_file. Reduces "Initial Time" of a big model significantly.
  3. New commands s_var sngl_filt and s_var var_0_filt. The two new commands sends the signals via s_var_filter, to avoid potential aliasing errors.


  1. Possibility to animate up to eight simultaneous contact areas per wheel.
  2. In view_diag_4. Rearrange the positions of the small tables telling the size and the contact pressure in the contact patch.


  1. New MPdat file version 8, with possibility to use up to 256 characters long idents.
  2. New command func mean_sec which calculates the average value, section per section.
  3. Improved and numerically more stable filters: lpass1, hpass1, lpass2 & hpass2.