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Downloading and installation

Rel.2007 is an upgrade package based on Rel.2001.

Before downloading and installing this release, Rel.2001 must already exist on your computer.

Installation of Rel.2007 is made according to the following instructions:

  1. Create directory "/opt/gensys/gensys-2007" by writing:
    mkdir -p /opt/gensys/gensys-2007
  2. To directory "/opt/gensys/gensys-2007", download file:
    If you have problems with downloading the file.
    Please check the following:
  3. If the file has been successfully downloaded:
    The size of file gensys-2007.txz should be 32846196.
    The sha256sum message digest for file gensys-2007.txz should be: f79bb255acf78ce20ebf05c0eec2d46a07d9ebfc3b91049dede329941da7201a
  4. Go to directory "/opt/gensys/gensys-2007" and uncompress the tarball:
    tar -xJvkp --file=gensys-2007.txz
  5. Copy the license file from gensys-2001:
    copy -ip /opt/gensys/gensys-2001/bin/gen_processor_ID_check /opt/gensys/gensys-2007/bin
  6. Open the following four files for editing:
    op ~/.profile_gensys
    op ~/.octaverc
    op ~/Desktop/genfile.desktop
    op ~/Desktop/genterm.desktop
    in all files change to "gensys-2007"
    (directory "~" is your home directory i.e. "/home/gensys")
  7. Log out and in again to make the change to take effect.


  1. In command initval read_gpdat, "def_no= -1" means reading the last deformation state from the .gp-file.
  2. In command idebug_file_read, also handle coupl beam_3
  3. If same header line has been defined multiple time, the last header line will apply.


  1. Write explanations on all wheel/rail-geometry functions in the kpfr-file
  2. Program kpf_conv_kpfr2matlab has been replaced with an awk-script.
  3. Find the maximum flange angle "beta" on the wheel. Export the value of "beta" on stdout and the CONN-plots. The value of "beta" can be used for calculating the limit value of Y/Q according to EN14363.


  1. Make the font size of the forces in show_4 scalable.

Matlab Files

  1. Update of the files in directory $gensys/m, in order to make them work in both Octave and Matlab.
  2. GI_wheel.m and GI_rail.m. Check that wheel and rail profile are given in [mm].


  1. New GENSYS-logo □