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Notes from GENSYS USERS GROUP meeting held in Stockholm 01-03-06

Author: Ingemar Persson (DEsolver)

Mats Berg, KTH
Anders Brandström, Gästrike Beräkningskonsult
Björn Kufver, VTI
Olaf Kämmerling, Adtranz
Martin Li, Banverket
Ingemar Persson, DEsolver
Sebastian Stichel, KTH
Jakob Wingren, SJ

Updates in GENSYS release 0103

Information about the updates in the new release was given. The new features in release 0103 are summarized in the document rel0103news. During the presentation of release 0103 the following comments were noted:

Computer demonstration

In the computer demonstration was some of the new features shown, and how to work in the new user window "genfile". The computer demonstration also spend some time in showing how to write goal-functions in program OPTI, and how to sum up results from many different simulations.

Items considered from the meeting notes written in March 2000.

The full list of new features in rel.0103 is given in document rel0103news. Following items came from last year meeting notes:

Items to be included in GENSYS rel.0203.

Following items were discussed at the meeting, and the goal is to include these items in rel.0203.

Items to be included in a future release of GENSYS.

Next meeting.

Next meeting in the GENSYS USERS GROUP will be held in Borlänge on the afternoon of the 9:th or 16:th April year 2002, depending on when next years Nordic Railway Seminar will be held.