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Presentation of rel.0303

Author: Ingemar Persson (DEsolver)


New features in rel.0303
Checking the list of items from last meeting
Demonstration of rel.0303
Discussions of new features in GENSYS
End of the meeting


Updates from rel.0203 to rel.0303


Group KPF
Group MISC

Program CALC

  1. Negative speeds allowed.
    Updates has also been made to the program MPLOT.

  2. New key variable Shift_Xposition has been introduced. If a variable with the name Shift_Xposition exists in the main memory, the origin of all lsys inclusive the coordinates of the track will be shifted longitudinally. The variable has been introduced because the MPLOT program and the MPdat-file is written in single precision.

  3. New command oper_init( ..... ) which replaces a variable or constant. Example

  4. In order to speed up the start-up phase in program MPLOT. Store the .id-file in two files $ident.id and $ident.id2 in the same way as the as $ident.mp and $ident.mp2.

  5. Input data is read in double precision.

  6. New function kpf_variable_1 which on a convenient way generates a wheel/rail-geometry function which varies along the track. Example

  7. New command s_var var_0 which only saves the variable if it exists. If the variable not exists the command is disregarded. The command stores the variable both as scalar and vector in the MPdat-file.

  8. Handle negative arguments in the power-function.

  9. Nicer output format of the calc.out file.
    Begin the file calc.out with the table containing the main memory.
    A blank line is inserted before each new command.
    The prefix "Addr" is added before each address.
    The prefix "Func" is written before each function.
    The prefix "Coupl" is written before each coupling,,,etc.
    calc.out    Master.runf

  10. New input data command idebug_file in where the user can define the name of the calc.out-file.

  11. The ELSE command has been introduced.

  12. A new big function wr_coupl_pra1 with massless railhead fastsim and archard's wear model. The output of the wear is both in total for the whole contact surface and per strip in the fastsim model.

  13. New coupling kf_exp1 with exponential friction especially designed for leaf springs.

  14. New command func print06_quasi.

  15. Fstart, fstep, fstop, tout, tstart, tstep and tstop are stored in the main memory and can be set by func-commands.

  16. In coupling kf2 accept the working directions f, k and p.

  17. If an error occurs during the input data phase, program CALC will write the name of the file and on which line number the error has occured.

  18. New function mod which calculates the remainder.

Program MPLOT

  1. Allow the y-axis to have a length of an odd number of centimeters. Change the automatic scale function in order to handle y-axis at any lengths.

  2. Better scaling when both y_bot and y_top has been defined in the same diagram.

  3. Change ident no to "mplot_id", for users who likes run mplot from a script where the ident has been set to "no".

  4. Allow tstart > tstop for handeling of the cases when negative speed has been used.

  5. Number of percentiles increased from to 5 to 20.

  6. New commands: "func max", "func const" and "func intpl_l".

  7. Accept if yvar is preceeded by a + or - sign.

  8. Operations can be given in the edit_page window.

  9. Introduced if_then with the test .exist.

  10. Do not expand the runf-file before reading input data. Read input data in the same way as program CALC does.

Program GPLOT

  1. Make it possible to change model without restart program GPLOT.

  2. Read and animate moments from a simulation

  3. Control the plotting of individual forces and moments.

Program NPICK

  1. Make an initial selection of nodes within TOL_NODE_DMAX, in order to reduce computation time. Make a dump printout of the selected nodes to file *.npickd.

  2. Do not expand the runf-file before reading input data. Read input data in the same way as program CALC does.

Program OPTI

  1. When running opti under option -append_overwrite, check the order of the cases with the previous results. Reorder the cases if necessary.

Program Group KPF

Program KPF
  1. Create a contact pressure contour plot if input data parameter iplot3 is set equal to 2.

  2. New subcommand rot_orient has been introduced under command func in MPLOT. In the new command the user can orient wheel profiles measured by miniprof, relative to a new unworn wheel profile. The command rotates and translates the measured profile in vertical direction.

Program Group MISC

  1. Make calls to ps2epsi and ps_rotate.

  2. Make call to sort_mtabler

Program FUNC
  1. New input data parameters CHECK_FORMF1 & CHECK_FORMF2 which makes it possible for the user to choose if the input files and input reading agrees or not. If the user chooses NO-checking program FUNC will not complain if the input file contains extra columns.

Program MTABLE
  1. Do not run program MPLOT more than one time.

  2. Do not stop the calculation if the columns are too narrow.

  3. Draw vertical lines for marking the start and ending of each column.

  1. Do not expand the runf-file before reading input data. Read input data in the same way as program CALC does.

Program Group Track

  1. Program trc_concat, trc_qnumb_track and trc_number.
    Changed into double precision in order to handle tracks with big X-coordinates.

  2. Program trc_strix_track2 and trc_strix_extract2.
    New program converting the new file format SPL, written by the track recording car STRIX.
    In the transformation use high order Butterworth-filters instead of the Klipp-filter.
    Write the results in format trax_wdesign including headder lines consisting of: date, creator, and track geometry quality levels.

  3. Program trc_qnumb_track and trc_updown.
    Handle trax_wdesign-format.


  1. The files .oldans.* are not used any longer

  2. New script view_html, which starts netscape from nedit.

  3. Script calc.
    New queue-systems at and batch. ("batch" works only under Linux)

  4. Script calc.
    New option nice where the user can start the program in lower priority.

  5. Scripts mplot, calcp and opti.
    New Tcl-scripts which promts the user for more arguments.
    opti    calc    mplot

  6. New environment variable $gendel.

  7. Scripts predat, npick, gplot, mplot, calcp and opti.
    Check that the programs is started at project level.


  1. Two new official books: Document "Using GENSYS 0203" ISBN 91-631-3110-2 and Document "Using GENSYS 0303" ISBN 91-631-3111-0. To be used as reference documents.

  2. New file: $HOME/.kde/share/applnk/Applications/gensys.desktop and icon to be used in the KDE window manager startup panel.


Checking the list of items from last meeting.


Following items were discussed at the meeting, and the goal is to include these items in rel.0303.

Items to be included in a future release of GENSYS.

Following items were not discussed at the meeting, but they remain as low priority items to be included in a future release of GENSYS.


Demonstration of rel.0303

Items to be included in GENSYS.0403