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Presentation of rel.0503

Author: Ingemar Persson (DEsolver)


Updates from rel.0403 to rel.0503


Program CALC
Program MPLOT
Program GPLOT
Program Group KPF
Program Group MISC
Program Group TRACK
Insert Files

Program CALC
  1. Stop the calculation if the same coupl-name has been defined twice.

  2. Stop the simulation if any displacement is bigger than 1.e30.
    Stop the simulation if any results contains NaN

  3. New pulldown menus in NEDIT simplifying the input data generation.

  4. Evaluate expression if a name of a variable contains +,-,* or / signs. Example_1, Example_2

  5. New big function "wr_coupl_pe2", which considers the change in rail profiles with a four point contact approximation.

  6. Faster calculations.
    Ident Tstop rel.0403 rel.0503 fact cpu/s
    tang_track 7.66 10.10 6.61 0.65 0.86
    tang_track_irr 7.66 12.59 8.52 0.67 1.11
    curve_R1000 6.83 12.19 9.02 0.74 1.32
    curve_R1000_irr 6.83 16.11 11.90 0.74 1.74
    curve_R200 15.28 29.71 22.78 0.76 1.49
    curve_R200_irr 15.28 34.63 20.37 0.59 1.33

  7. Stop further execution if file calc_stop exists.

  8. Pre- and post- process commands

  9. New definitions of the creepage.

Program MPLOT
  1. In command "func operp" do not create the variable, if the calculation of its value fails.

  2. Button #1 will zoom in the diagram. Button #2 will show the position of the cursor. Button #3 will move the diagram.

Program GPLOT
  1. Plotting of forces with figures in the wheel/rail-diagrams

  2. Scales for adjusting the size of the arrows in the wheel/rail-diagrams

  3. Write the size of the contact ellipses and the average contact stress in the wheel/rail-diagrams

  4. Zoom in the wheel/rail-diagrams with mouse button #1. Move the wheel/rail-diagrams with mouse button #3.

  5. Animation of kpfr-functions

Program Group KPF
Program KPF
1. When reading the wheel- and rail- profiles: Interpolate in wheel profiles with true splines. Interpolate in rail profiles with semi-splines.
2. Input data variable IPLOT3 can be given the value 4, which will lead to a creation of both a small contact pressure diagrams and a contour pressures diagram.
3. A new diagram showing the equivalent conicity according to UIC 519 has been introduced. Example When calculating conicity according to UIC519 and the dr-function passes dr=0 several times. Move the wheelset to the most negative passage where dr=0.
Example:   Wheel profile with negative conicity
  The rr-rl-function
  Lambda plot in rel.0403
  Lambda plot in rel.0503
  Conicity according to UIC519
4. Updated the method in automatic two-point contact detection. If the surface is very rough, the contact zone can consist of many small spots. In this case only select the two major contact surfaces and omit the other areas, in order to avoid problems in the wear predicting code.
5. Animation of kpfr-functions in gplot dr-function gam-function
Program KPF_PLOT
1. Draw the plot in colors. Show the semi-spline-interpolation.
1. When reading the wheel- and rail- profiles: Interpolate in wheel profiles with true splines. Interpolate in rail profiles with semi-splines. (Same as for program KPF)
2. Write the pre_contactr-file in matlab-format for easy plotting.
Example: contact surface on wheel
contact surface on rail
distance between wheel- and rail- surface
KPF winklerbed contact pressure

Program Group MISC
Program FTRANS
1. New filter FTRAPEZOID, where the user can define the transfer function in a trapezoid shape.
1. The current directory field has been splitted into two fields. Directories in the left area and files in the right area. If a directory in the left area is selected its contants will be shown in the right field.
2. Auto-completion with the TAB-key.
3. Erase word to the left with key CTRL-backspace
4. A new pulldown item "Extra command dialog" where the user also can enter commands. Commands via the li- and cd- button don't use the cmd-textField widget window, which mean that two commands can be given in parallel.
5. New background menus similar to the li- and cd-button. If the window is big, it can be a far distance to reach the li- and cd-buttons.
6. Stop program calc from the pulldown-menu.
1. A new program which replaces xterm. Works like a xterm-window, but has a dialog popup window if mouse button 3 is pressed.
Library plotbibl
1. Do not use setpagedevice for selecting paper in laser writer. Because no one is using a laser writer with different paper trays today, and the setpagedevice-command cuts the picture when the plot is shown gv.

Program Group TRACK
Program trc_iplas2
1. New program for translating EM80 results written in a file similar to the STRIX format.
Automatic detection of designed curve geometry has been added.
Possibility to remove out-of-round wheels on the trolley has been added.
Plotting of the Fourier spectra of the original signal has been added.
Program trc_trac_plot
1. Make a plot of a track written in trax_wdesign-format. Files having file-extension trax_wdesign will be associated with program trc_trac_plot.

Insert Files
Substruct wr_coupl_pe1.ins
1. Copy the values of tral into rail_ in case the user wants to animate the motions in GPLOT.

Script exec_contact_tsim
1. New script which:
- extracts results from a tsim-calculation,
- Creates a gitter over the contact surface in program PRE_CONTACT
- Calculates normal and tangential contact forces in program CONTACT
Script gen_defs
1. The first letters "G_" in all GENSYS-directories has been removed, in order to simplify the use of auto-completions with the TAB-key.
Script G_rename
1. New script which removes the prefix "G_" from all subdirectories in current directory.
Script genrun_KDE
1. New script for users using the KDE window manager. Together with the files ~/.kde/share/mimelnk/application/gensys.desktop and ~/.kde/share/applnk-redhat/.hidden/genrun_KDE.desktop Script genrun_KDE works in a similar way to genrun, i.e. reads the file .genrun