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Updates from rel.9803 to rel.9810

Author: Ingemar Persson (DEsolver)

Program CALC
  1. Calculation of contact force in substructure-file t_irr_p1.ins is made according to Hertz theories, if variable pknwr is set to 0(zero).
  2. A new substructure-file transl_eng_swe.ins
    Which translates variable names from English into Swedish.
  3. A new command "func mean_r2" in which it is possibly to select only a part of the total field where the average calculation shall take place.
  4. The substructures t_irr_p1.ins and t_irr_ne1.ins can handle wheel/rail- geometry function which not is constant along the track.
  5. Check that the curvature, cant and track center line consists of an even number of points.
  6. A new subcommand 'intpl_track_irr' which simplifies the input reading of track irregularities.
  7. Lines in track files beginning with a #-character will not be read.

Program GPLOT
  1. Flush the KeyPress event queue, in order to make the plot stop when the key is released.
  2. Plot on a pixmap, in order to speed up the redrawing of the GPLOT- window.
  3. A scale is drawn in the lower right corner of the GPLOT-window showing current time when animating time-simulation and showing phase angle when animating a modal analysis.
  4. A reset button has been added to the popup menus Scale_xy, View_Center and View_Point
  5. New popup-window for printing where the user can select output to printer or file and also select different graphic formats.
  6. Adjust the size of the symbols with zero length according to actual scale factor.

Program MPLOT
  1. A major revision of the memory of the program, in order to speed up execution times and reduce the size of the program. The memory is now written in direct access files, why the old *.mp-file is now split into two files *.mp and *.mp2.
  2. New pulldown menues for making it possible to read a *.mplotf-file in batch. Pages can also be saved for later replotting. If pages have been saved, the user has the possibility to save the plot- commands in a *.mplotf-file for later plotting in an other plotting activety.
  3. If both y_bot and y_top has been given values, and yint/cm=auto program MPLOT will change the axis marking distance in order to give integer numbers on the axis markings.
  4. A new filter "FILT MAX" introduced, which is a sliding maximum value calculation, similar to "FILT MIN".
  5. A new short command "n" in the ident question, which selects the last ident in the $id-directory.

Program OPTI
  1. A new program GETSTATS which extracts summary information from a serie of calculations in OPTI.
  2. Before calculations starts check that the subprogram is located in the $gensys/scripts-directory.

Program KPF
  1. Split diagram number 3 into two diagrams, in order to make the diagram more clear. Markings on the X-axis has been introduced, in order to more easily see the size of the contact surface.
  2. In diagram number 4 lines are drown showing connection lines between wheel and rail.
  3. A new diagram showing coefficient of contact angle difference.
  4. Calculation of equivalent conicity according to UIC 518 draft jan. -98.
  5. Lines in the rail- or wheel-profile files starting with a #-character, will be treated as comments.

Program KPF_ROT
  1. New input data command adjust_zero, which can be given the value yes or no. If adjust_zero=yes program KPF_ROT will adjust the origin of the coordinate system which describes the shape of the wheel or rail. If adjust_zero=no no adjustments of the origin will be made. Default value for adjust_zero is "yes".

  1. New input data command XAXIS, which makes it possible to create new linenumber to a file or replace old linenumbers.

  1. New command line option -?, /?, -h and --help available in all GENSYS-scripts. All help option above prints available command line option for the current script.
  2. A major revision of all scripts has been made, because the directory structure in the GENSYS package has been changed. In the new directory structure all executable programs are stored in directory $gensys/exe, and all source code are stored in the directory $gensys/code.
  3. A new command gengrep has been introduced in $gensys/scripts which makes it easy to search for expressions in subdirectorys.
  4. A new command genmain has been introduced in $gensys/scripts which makes it easy to opens new xterm-windows in different directories.
  5. A new command genrun has been introduced in $gensys/scripts which makes it possible to accociate programs with different file extension in a xterm-window.
  6. In directory $gensys/scripts is a hidden file named .Xdefaults. The .Xdefaults-file defines the buttons on the mouse and the functionkeys on the keyboard.

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