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RUNF_INFO creating an input data file

An input data file for program RUNF_INFO can be created in one of the following ways:

  1. Click Help -> Examples in the genfile pulldown menu.
    In the new window goto directory misc and mark directory runf_infof Copy file runf_infof/Master.runf_infof to your work directory by double-clicking the file, press the CTRL-button and drag it over to your work directory with the middle mouse button.

  2. Remove any potential primary selection by clicking the  cmd pushbutton with your right mouse button and select "Clear Primary Selection"
    Select Start -> Program -> Misc -> runf_info in the genfile pulldown menu.
    Program RUNF_INFO will create a Master input data file for you.

  3. Open the RUNF_INFO users manual copy and paste the example into a text file. Please use extension "*.runf_infof" on the text file in order to associate the file with program runf_info.