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Installation of virtual machine Ubuntu-1710-gensys-1801.

If you have problems with file downloading.
Please check the following:

After the installation, please test your installation by running the tutorial examples by following the instructions given in README

Compiler gcc-7.2.0

  1. Gensys is now compiled with compiler GNU Compiler Collection 7.2.0. The execution of Gensys is now significantly faster than before.
    Test cases from tutorial intro_tutor_3_bobo_pe3:
    Ident Description:
    tang_ideal Tangent track No track irregularities Tstop= 10
    R600_ideal S-curve R600 No track irregularities Tstop= 24
    R600_tirr S-curve R600 With track irregularities Tstop= 24
    Simulation times:
    Ident gcc-6.2.0 gcc-7.2.0
    tang_ideal 10.9 3.8
    R600_ideal 26.9 9.5
    R600_tirr 34.3 11.7