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Downloading and installation

Rel.2010 is an upgrade package based on Rel.2001.

Before downloading and installing this release, Rel.2001 must already exist on your computer.

Installation of Rel.2010 is made according to the following instructions:

  1. Create directory "/opt/gensys/gensys-2010" by writing:
    mkdir -p /opt/gensys/gensys-2010
  2. To directory "/opt/gensys/gensys-2010", download file:
    If you have problems with downloading the file.
    Please check the following:
  3. If the file has been successfully downloaded:
    The size of file gensys-2010.txz should be 155218412.
    The sha256sum message digest for file gensys-2010.txz should be.
    Input data command:
    sha256sum gensys-2010.txz
    999c8657c929819824d26b450ed1f1c409be68fc2ede7c1e4c71c8b4f0c074e5 gensys-2010.txz
  4. Go to directory "/opt/gensys/gensys-2010" and uncompress the tarball:
    tar -xJvkp --file=gensys-2010.txz
  5. Copy the license file from gensys-2001:
    copy -ip /opt/gensys/gensys-2001/bin/gen_processor_ID_check /opt/gensys/gensys-2010/bin
  6. Open the following four files for editing:
    op ~/.profile_gensys
    op ~/.octaverc
    op ~/Desktop/genfile.desktop
    op ~/Desktop/genterm.desktop
    in all files change to "gensys-2010"
    (directory "~" is your home directory i.e. "/home/gensys")
  7. Log out and in again to make the change to take effect.


  1. Updated the way of formulating the equation of motions for m_rigid_12. The rotation from fsys to msys is now made in the following order: Yaw, Roll and Pitch.
    The total rotation matrix Rfm is calculated in subroutine "mass0" and stored in var(ipndx_m+60:ipndx_m+68).


  1. New pulldown menu command "column -et" which creates files with equally spaced columns.


  1. Check the locations of the numbers along the axis. At lower and upper end of the axis maybe it is possible to move the numbers a little. Avoiding that the number comes above or under the axis, but don't move them so much that they may interfere with other numbers along the axis.
  2. Write an error message if the user gives all three commands Y_BOT, Y_TOP and YINT/CM in the same Diagram.
  3. Replace '.' with '_' if the character after the '.' is a number.


  1. Install program "xclip" from http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu.
    Program "xclip" makes it possible to pipe data from stdout to PRIMARY SELECTION or CLIPBOARD, and to receive data from PRIMARY SELECTION or CLIPBOARD to stdin. Following lines has been added to file ~/.profile_gensys:
     alias "c=xclip"                          ;# echo "abc123" | c     # Copy  to   XA_PRIMARY
     alias "v=xclip -o"                       ;# echo `v`              # Paste from XA_PRIMARY
     alias "cc=xclip -selection clipboard"    ;# echo "abc123" | cc    # Copy  to   XA_CLIPBOARD
     alias "vc=xclip -o -selection clipboard" ;# echo `vc`             # Paste from XA_CLIPBOARD
  2. Command "seq" prints a sequence of numbers, and send the output to CLIPBOARD.
    seq -w 1 10 | cc
    After the above command has been given, go to editor nedit and make a "Paste Column" by simultaneously pressing the keys SHIFT+CTRL+V.
  3. Old script "clean" has been renamed to "genclean", and it has been added to program "genfile". After finishing a project it is recommended to execute script "genclean", to clean up and remove unnecessary files in the project directory.
  4. In script "pri" option "-pdf" has been added. Option "-pdf" only creates a PDF-file, nothing is sent to the printer.