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Presentation of rel.0403

Author: Ingemar Persson (DEsolver)


Updates from rel.0303 to rel.0403


Program CALC
Program MPLOT
Program GPLOT
Program NPICK
Program OPTI
Program Group KPF
Program Group MISC
Program Group TRACK

Program CALC

  1. Derailm_1 a new type of coupling for simulations in a derailment condition.

  2. M_rigid_6f a new type of mass for modeling of masses which are defined in a moving coordinate system, but are not following the moving coordinate system. For example a piece of track under the wheelset.

  3. A revision of the Damped_Tens quasistatic solver, in order to obtain a faster and secure solution.

  4. True splines with continuous first and second order derivatives, when interpolating track irregularities. Track irregularities inclusive designed track geometry are read with the func intpl_track_irr3-command. If designed track geometry not shall be read please use the func intpl_track_irr2-command.

  5. Semi-splines when interpolating in the wheel/rail-geometry functions. Semi-splines is a combination of linear and spline interpolation. Between the nodes the interpolation is linear, but close to each node interpolation is made by splines.    Example    Zoom.

  6. The old commands create_s has been replaced by create_spline. The old create_s-command still works for compatibillity reasons, but the documentation on create_s has been removed.

  7. Print a warning printout if a damper is attached not in the center of a wheelset. Important when using the coupling creep_lookuptable_1.

  8. New input data command write_id_file, which splits the id-file in several parts.

  9. Couplings that ends with _preZ calculates the vertical preload automatically.

  10. New command s_var force_on for debugging.

  11. New coupling k_air3_mawa considering gas flow in the airbag.

  12. Negative speeds allowed.
    Updates has also been made to the program MPLOT.

  13. New key variable Shift_Xposition has been introduced. If a variable with the name Shift_Xposition exists in the main memory, the origin of all lsys inclusive the coordinates of the track will be shifted longitudinally. The variable has been introduced because the MPLOT program and the MPdat-file is written in single precision.

  14. In input data, a variable can be replaced an expression. Example

  15. New function kpf_variable_1 which on a convenient way generates a wheel/rail-geometry function which varies along the track. Example

  16. The old command s_var gpdat_wr_info has been replaced with: s_var gpdat_wheel_info, s_var gpdat_rail_info_right and s_var gpdat_rail_info_left for storing of wheel and rail profiles for post processing.

  17. New command s_var var_0 which only saves the variable if it exists. If the variable not exists the command is disregarded. The command stores the variable both as scalar and vector in the MPdat-file.

  18. New coupling kf_exp1 with exponential friction especially designed for leaf springs.

  19. New command func print06_quasi, which is similar to func print06_init. Both prints the results at time=0 but in print06_quasi the value is printed after the quasistatic analysis.

  20. Fstart, fstep, fstop, tout, tstart, tstep and tstop are stored in the main memory and can be set by func-commands.

  21. New coupling Creep_lookuptable_1 where the user can connect two rolling bodies to each other. By using this coupling the user can freely model the track.
    Together with this coupling the user can use the function tral_interp_spline which interpolates and creates the tral-variables (track irregularities).

  22. New coupling Beam_1 where the user can connect several bodies to each other. This coupling can be used when simulating rails resting on sleepers.

Program MPLOT

  1. New popup-menus for selecting curves and idents, with a filter function, and possibility the have several popup-windows opened.

  2. Create a radio button for each page in the header of MPLOT.

  3. The size of the window can by dynamically resized. The default size of the window can be set in file ~/.Xdefaults.

  4. Tooltips.

  5. Allow tstart > tstop for handeling of the cases when negative speed has been used.

  6. Number of percentiles increased from to 5 to 20.

  7. Operations can be given in the edit_page window.

Program GPLOT

  1. Recommended geometrical figures are body box_mass_733, body box_mass, body whe_set_mass and body figure_mass.

  2. New popup menus where the user can select bodies, forces and/or couplings to be plotted.

  3. The size of the window can by dynamically resized.

  4. Tooltips.

  5. The movie command automatically generates an animated gif-file.

  6. Write the hidden file .gensys.gplot where the users scales, view_points, window size,,, etc. are stored for later

  7. Gplot can be started with two arguments: "vehicle data model" and "GPdat-file".

Program OPTI

  1. When running opti under option -append_overwrite, check the order of the cases with the previous results. Reorder the cases if necessary.

  2. The sub_prog in opti can be any executable program or script.

  3. In the q_sys-command the user can send the execution of the sub_prog to a queue-system.

  4. In the parallel-command the user can start several jobs in parallel.

Program Group KPF

Program KPF
  1. Extended the wheel/rail-geometry files from -102.5 to 109.5, in order to simulate derailment situations.

  2. The line connecting the points in the wheel/rail-geometry files are interpolated by semi-splines in the same way as in program CALC.    Example    Zoom.

  3. New input data command IPLOT_SIGMA which generates three more diagrams. Size of contact area, shape of contact ellipse and max. contact pressure.


  5. Create a contact pressure contour plot if input data parameter iplot3 is set equal to 2.

  6. New subcommand rot_orient has been introduced under command func in MPLOT. In the new command the user can orient wheel profiles measured by miniprof, relative to a new unworn wheel profile. The command rotates and translates the measured profile in vertical direction.

  7. A new diagram showing the equivalent conicity according to UIC 519 has been introduced. Example

Program Group MISC

  1. Update the Current directory field automatically.

  2. Tooltips introduced. If tooltips shall be shown as defaults on startup can be controled in the ~/.Xdefaults-file.

  3. For LINUX users start program: gimp, kruler, ksnapshot, xmag, octave, locate and type from the pulldown menu.

  4. Auto-completion with the Esc-button.

  5. A new pulldown item "Extra command dialog" where the user also can enter commands.

  1. A new program which translates VAMPIRE input data into GENSYS input data.


  1. New script view_html, which starts netscape from nedit.

  2. Script calc.
    New queue-systems at and batch. ("batch" works only under Linux)


  1. Two new scripts GENSYS_INSTALL and GENSYS_SETUP has been written in order to simplify the installation of GENSYS.