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Updates from rel.9810 to rel.9903

Author: Ingemar Persson (DEsolver)

Program CALC
  1. New type of coupling named kckc, which consists of a spring in parallel with a damper connected in series with another spring in parallel with another damper.
  2. Possibility write functions directly in command "func operp" has been added. Following functions are understood: int, nint, abs, sqrt, exp, log, log10, sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, sinh, cosh, tanh, pow2, pow3 and pow4.
  3. New functions vect_scal_add, vect_scal_sub, vect_scal_mul, vect_scal_div, vect_vect_add, vect_vect_sub and vect_vect_smul.
  4. In program QUASI, automatic time step control in the time simulation phase of LineSearch_2. In order to speed up the solution time, damping has been added to all modes of vibration in the model.

Program GPLOT
  1. Clicking on a symbol generates a popup meny containing information regarding the symbol.
  2. Plot 4 wheel and rail profiles in the 4 different diagrams. Also mark the size, shape and location of the contact ellips. Plot track-forces, contact-forces or creepage in the contact point. The selection of view to show and scalefactor for the forces and creepages are made in the procedure buildShowDialog.
  3. New popup meny DRAW_SYMBOLS which makes it possible to select symbols to be plotted.
  4. Set scalefactor to 0.5 when animating a modal-analysis. Set scalefactor to 20. when animating a time domain simulation.

Program MPLOT
  1. New subcommand "create_curve file_vpair_free", which directly reads value-pairs from external ASCII-file.
  2. If the user only presses the return key on the ident-question consider the answer as "no".

Program OPTI
  1. An new search algorithm grad_min4 which searches the minimum by bisections. This method is a bit slower than grad_min2 but it is more robust, and can be used for finding the non-linear critical speed of the vehicle .

Program KPF
  1. If concave surfaces between wheel and rail occurs, write the position where it takes place.
  2. If only HFILE and RFILE are defined in inputdata don't write separate kpf-functions for the right and left wheel.
  3. If the right and left profile are equal, only plot the wheel- rail-geometry functions for the right wheel.
  4. In all functions except cpf_$1.zfn begin and end the functions with a horizontal line.

  1. New program genfile for manage files and sending commands to UNIX.
  2. Programs reading ASCII-texts from external files, for example FTRANS, FUNC, PLOT_CUR,KPF,KPF_TURN,KPF_ROT,etc. read lines in INFIL beginning with # as comments.
  3. In program FUNC, new command CROSS-CORR which calculates the cross correlation function between two signals.
  4. In program KC_PROP Generation of file UTFIL containing the stiffness as function of frequency. Calculation of coupling k+(k-(k+c)) which can represent a model of an airbag according to Nishimura.
  5. Modified all programs in order to be Y2K-safe.
  6. New program rollplot which plots the results calculated by program rollen written by Prof. J.J. Kalker.

  1. New script genmain for starting program genfile.
  2. New options for program KPF, -qident and -no_qident. If option -qident is given, program KPF will promt for a ident-string otherwise not. Option -qident and -no_qident can be set in $kpf_opts in the file gen_conf.
  3. New script trc_strix_trax which translates a file from the track recording vehicle STRIX into trax-format.

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