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Updates from rel.9903 to rel.9910

Author: Ingemar Persson (DEsolver)

Program CALC
  1. New function extract_mem
  2. New function print06_char_all
  3. In property p_lin_t, starting point has been changed to reference point
  4. New coupling k_air3
  5. New coupling k_at_b2
  6. More arguments in user defined couplings.
  7. A new hardcoded substructure fl_weare1.ins for calculating the energy dissipation in the contact point.
  8. Command "func intpl_track_irr" reads the track-file with character*132. If command Ideal_track is given instead of a file name intpl_track_irr will create an ideal track.
  9. Command "initval read_gpdat" reads the GPdat-file with character*132.

Program MPLOT
  1. New command "create_curve linear_increasing".
  2. New command "create_scalar curve_zero".
  3. Write input data file in page_head, if an input data file exists.

Program GPLOT
  1. Plotting of energy dissipation in menu view-show.

Program NPICK
  1. Use the scale factor SCALE_CALC_FEM also for scaling the mass. Assume that if lengths in the FEM-model is generated in [mm] then is masses in the FEM-model written in [metric ton]. This implies that the generalized mass in the patran nodal displacement file shall be written in [metric ton], if SCALE_CALC_FEM is equal to 1000.
  2. Reading and calculation of Modal Participation Factor and Modal Contribution Factor.

Program KPF
  1. Automatic detection of one or two point contact.

  1. A list of external papers which have references to GENSYS.
  2. When starting a new program which is lacking an input data file in current directory, the user will be promted to copy an input data file from directory $gensys/verif.
  3. Customization of NEDIT

  1. If file .gen_conf in current directory don't exists, but file $HOME/.gen_conf exists. Command line options will be read from the file $HOME/.gen_conf.
  2. New options available in file .gen_conf, -res_640x480 -res_800x600 -res_1024x768 and -res_1280x1024 which governs the resolution of program gplot and mplot_ts.