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The UNIX environment   

Reasons why GENSYS runs under UNIX:

However by running gensys in a virtual machine under VirtualBox. The problem with different operating systems has now easily been overcome. Now gensys runs on all machines where VirtualBox is installed.

Most important differences between UNIX and Windows:
Useful UNIX commands:

Other useful commands can be found under Scripts used in the GENSYS package.

Special characters in UNIX:
Sign Explanation Example
> Send the output from a command to a file ls > my_dir.txt
>> Appends the output from a command to a file ls -l >> my_dir.txt
< Read input data from a file cat < my_dir.txt
<<+ Read input data direct after the +-sign until the next +-sign cat <<+
The brown fox jumped
over the lazy dog.
| Pipe the output from a command to a second command ps -ef | grep $USER
| cc Pipe the output from a command to CLIPBOARD ls | cc
echo `vc` To see the contents of the CLIPBOARD in a terminal  
`vc` Paste CLIPBOARD to terminal  
Environment variables in UNIX:
Name Explanation
$HOME Name of home directory
$PATH The user's search path for commands
$PWD Name of current directory
$USER User name
All defined environment variables can be viewed in with the UNIX env-command. New environment variables can be introduced with the UNIX export-command.
Handeling windows in UNIX:
Alt+Btn_1 Move window
Alt+Btn_3 Resize window
Title bar
Double click Btn 1 Rolls up and down the window
Btn 2 Lower the window