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Updates from rel.9703 to rel.9710

Author: Ingemar Persson (DEsolver)

Program CALC
  1. A new massless mass named massless12. Both dampers and stiffnesses can be connected to massless12.
  2. New main command 'force' which simplify applying external forces to the model.
  3. New substructures t_irr_n10.ins, t_irr_n11.ins, t_irr_n12.ins and t_irr_n13.ins, which handles different nominal wheel-load on different wheels.
  4. When converting from *.ca-file into *.id-file, open temporary files under the directory wdir_cv in order to avoid limitations in maximum number of open files.
  5. When storing signals for later post-processing in MPLOT, make sure that the user not have tried to stored an address.
  6. When starting a new project, copy the file $HOME/.gen_conf to actual directory. If $HOME/.gen_conf is missing, copy the file $gensys/scripts/gen_conf instead.
  7. A better error printout is made, if a signal is missing in the head.
  8. Command 'func accp_bodyfix' has been corrected, in release 9703 compensation of vertical acceleration due to gravity was not correct.
  9. The serial flexibility in coupling kf can be modeled as nonlinear.

Program GPLOT
  1. Draw couplings as symbols if command DRAW_SYMBOLS equals to 1. Springs are drawn in red color. Dampers are drawn in green color. Combined couplings are drawn in purple.
  2. New pull-down menu VIEW which makes it possible to faster obtain a nice view of the vehicle.
  3. Refresh the picture if key r is hit in Key_Controlled-mode.

Program MPLOT
  1. Option -gv or -ghostview starts program ghostview after program MPLOT. Program ghostview can also be initiated by the command ghostview or gv, in order to inspect an postscript file.
  2. Option -ts runs program MPLOT in an interactive mode.
  3. New command TRANSF which makes it possibly to filter Fourier- spectras directly in the frequency domain. The user have access to the same filters as in the TRANS-command.
  4. New subcommand CURVE_SUM in command CREATE_SCALAR. The created scalar contains the sum of all components in a vector.
  5. New command FOURIER which transforms the signal between the time- domain and frequency-domain. The user can select one of four different transformations:
    FOUR_S creates a Fourier series from a time signal.
    IFOUR_S creates a time signal from a Fourier series.
    PSD_S creates a double-sided PSD-spectra from a time signal.
    PSD_G creates a single-sided PSD-spectra from a time signal.
  6. In command PRINT, before printing the headlines check first if all variables exists.
  7. The calculation of median in command STAT has been corrected. In release 9703 the median value ignored the values given in the TSTART and TSTOP command.
  8. Number of variables per ident has been increased from 1000 to 1500 in UNIX environment.

Program OPTI
  1. New command CALC_IDENT which makes it possibly for the user to choose name of the different idents when running program OPTI in mode manual_step.
  2. In optimization method grad_min1, break if the bottom surface is rough.
  3. New command write_ident_no, which creates a variable in the runf-file named ident_no, containing the number of the run.

Program NPICK
  1. Length of characters increased from 12 to 24.
  2. The same input reading subroutines as program CALC are now being used.

Program PREDAT
  1. Number of properties increased from 200 to 500.

Program FUNC
  1. New subcommands ADD, SUB and DIV.

Program PLOT_CUR
  1. Possibility to read input data in free format.

Program CATAS and CATAF
  1. Store the memory dump in the file /tmp/$ident.id.tmp, and don't remove it in script catap.
  2. New option -store which runs catas and cataf without opening the memory dump file.

Program TRACK
  1. Input data files describing the MATISA MD584 measuring trolley. The files are stored in the track/verif directory and are named imatisa_a x.imatisf x.matiscurf x.matisf and x.matisplf.

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