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Presentation of rel.0603

Author: Ingemar Persson (DEsolver)


Updates from rel.0503 to rel.0603


Program CALC
Program MPLOT
Program GLPLOT
Program Group MISC
Program Group TRACK

Program CALC
  1. When using func intpl_track_irr3. Make the ramp in the beginning 100 meters long for the designed curvature. No ramp in the end for the designed curvature.

  2. New input data command elseif_then_init and elseif_then_char_initExample

  3. New coupling creep_tanel_springs_1.

  4. New coupling creep_user_* introduced

  5. Changed $gensys/exe/calc to $gensys/scripts/gen_calc.exe, in order to make it easier to make own versions of program calc. Example cuser#   Startup file .bashrc

  6. New friction coupling kf_l, which is a kf coupling rotated a small angle. New friction coupling kf_r, which is a kf coupling rotated a large angle.

  7. Make it possible to regulate all coordinate systems, not only m_rigid_36b.

  8. Read variable Vo to esys as a signal which can vary along the track.

  9. New commands print_all, print_init and print_quasi, which writes debug printout to ASCII-file.

  10. More parameters to integrator heun_u: Pireg,Iireg,Direg, Piregm,Iiregm,Diregm
    The new parameters are not in the manual.

  11. New *.gp-file format 0603 for the new GLPLOT program.

  12. Variable Shift_Xposition is not compulsory in 0603. Distances up to 150 km are OK in current mplot. Mplot rel.0703 are planned to be in double precision.

  13. Option "change" in the calcp script if the ident already exists.

Program MPLOT
  1. In pulldown menu a new item: calculator. Calculations are performed in octave.

  2. Mouse wheel support added.

Program GLPLOT
  1. New version of GPLOT creating plots with solid bodies. The new program is named GLPLOT.

Program Group MISC

1. New TextField containing a calculator.
2. Activate the mouse wheel.
3. Activate ctrl-c, ctrl-v and ctrl-backspace.
4. Pushbutton for glplot.

Program MGV
New program which can replace gv, if gv is missing in the installation.

Program OCTAVE
If octave is missing in the installation.

Program NEDIT
If nedit is missing in the installation.
Program nedit in directory $gensys/scripts have a new pulldown menu gensys.

Program Group TRACK

Program trc_iplas2:

New default cut-off wave-length for curvature L_CURVE_WAVES= 50m
Filter type for curvature N_CURVE_WAVES= 8

New default cut-off wave-length for cant L_CANT_WAVES= 100m
Filter type for cant errors N_CANT_WAVES= 4

Default cut-off wave-length for lateral errors L_LATERAL_WAVES= 125m
Filter type for lateral errors N_LATERAL_WAVES= 8

Default cut-off wave-length for short waves L_SHORT_WAVES= 2.5m
Filter type for lateral errors N_SHORT_WAVES= 2

  1. New design of the gensys homepage.

  2. Translate and examine a section of a track

  3. Simulate opposite to the km-markings by using trc_updown

  4. Examine and run input data file BoBo.tsimf

  5. Modeling variable wheel-rail geometry

  6. Animate a variable rail profile

  7. Modeling variable speed

  8. Filtering of Q-forces

  9. Creating geometric figures for program GLPLOT.

  1. Mplot in double precision

  2. More hard-coded track models

  3. Dynamic memory