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Rel.1704 is an upgrade package based on Rel.1701.

Before downloading and installing this release, Rel.1701 must already exist on your computer.

Installation of Rel.1704 is made according to the following instructions:


  1. Number of cases has been increased from 999 to 99999.


  1. New subcommand Tsname under main command STAT.
    Using subcommand Tsname is more convenient to use than Tname, if the speed of the vehicle varies.


  1. Dynamic memory allocation
  2. New command PSDPLR_DIR which gives the possibility to write the output m-files to different subdirectories


  1. Limit the speed of the animation. If the user set the animation speed too high, it was not possible to stop the animation without killing Glplot.


  1. A new predefined variable in main memory has been created. The name of the variable is timeoutp and it contains the time for next tout. Variable timeoutp can be written to id-file and be used like an ordinary variable.
  2. A new predefined variable in main memory has been created. The name of the variable is itout and it tells number calls since last tout-output step. itout equal to "0" indicate this timestep will be stored on id- and gp-file. The variable can be used by users that writes own source code, for making printouts to external files.
  3. Two new type of couplings coupler_1 and coupler_2. Their primary usage is to model non-linear couplers between cars. E.g. buffers, draw-gears,,, etc.
  4. Make func intpl_r overwriteable.


  1. Plot nicely the tables above the diagrams even if GAUGE_EFFCON is not a whole mm.
  2. Handle the case even if 1435 is not included in GAUGE_EFFCON, do not break the calculation, only give a warning message.