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Rel.1709 is an upgrade package based on Rel.1701.

Before downloading and installing this release, Rel.1701 must already exist on your computer.

Installation of Rel.1709 is made according to the following instructions:
After clicking on above link, choose "Download through your browser".


  1. New functions: func simulink_control1, func simulink_control2, func simulink_control3, , , func simulink_control9.
    The new functions have the possibility to execute functions inside shared objects created by Simulink.
  2. New commands: s_var gpdat_wheel_prof, s_var gpdat_rail_prof_left and s_var gpdat_rail_prof_right. These three new commands reads the wheel and rail profiles in meters. In contrast to the old commands that read the wheel and rail profiles in millimeters.
  3. New wheel/rail coupling: coupl creep_fastrip_1. Solves the normal and tangential contact forces using the theories according to Dr Matin Shahzamanian Sichani.


  1. New input data command: TYPE_INFIL


  1. In "~/.nedit/nedit.rc" execute script "um" with "bash -c", to avoid that Nedit freezes. By doing so, it is no longer necessary to start FireFox together with genfile.