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Rel.1905 is an upgrade package based on Rel.1901.

Before downloading and installing this release, Rel.1901 must already exist on your computer.

Installation of Rel.1905 is made according to the following instructions:

  1. Create directory "/opt/gensys/gensys-1905" by writing:
    mkdir -p /opt/gensys/gensys-1905
  2. To the directory "/opt/gensys/gensys-1905", download file:
    If you have problems with downloading the file.
    Please check the following:
  3. Go to directory "/opt/gensys/gensys-1905" and uncompress the tarball:
    tar -xJvkp --file=gensys-1905.txz
  4. Copy the license file from gensys-1901:
    copy -ip /opt/gensys/gensys-1901/bin/gen_processor_ID_check /opt/gensys/gensys-1905/bin
  5. Open the following four files for editing:
    op ~/.profile_gensys
    op ~/.octaverc
    op ~/Desktop/genfile.desktop
    op ~/Desktop/genterm.desktop
    in all files change to "gensys-1905"
    (directory "~" is your home directory i.e. "/home/gensys")
  6. Log out and in again to make the change to take effect.


  1. Write warning messages if unrealistic input data has been giving for the designed track geometry
  2. In coupl derailm_2, sum up the contact forces from both horizontal and vertial surfaces


  1. Accept folded input data files.

Matlab Files

  1. Trc_add_vert_sin: A script for manual adding sine waves to existing track irregularities.