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Gensys tutorials

Directory gensys_homepage/tutorial contains the following examples:
intro_tutor_1_sine Create a sine wave
intro_tutor_2_car-body Create a car-body resting on four coil springs
intro_tutor_3_bobo_pe3 Create a whole railway vehicle
bridge Create a model with a track that don't moves with the vehicle
kpf Create wheel/rail-geometry functions
long_train Simulation of longitudinal waves in a train-set with many vehicles
oval_with_jump Simulation of a vehicle running in an oval
pure_creep Create curves of the creep-force – creepage relationship
r200_exit_derail A derailment situation when exiting a curve
road_vehicle_4 Simulation of a 4-wheeled road vehicle
turnout Simulation through a turnout with varying rail profiles
tutor_3_bobo_lookuptable_1 Create a bobo-vehicle using wheel/rail-coupling creep_lookuptable_1
tutor_3_bobo_pe0 Simulations at low speeds
vehicle_11_frame Create a two axle freight vehicle from scratch
vehicle_BoBo_frame Create a four axle bogie vehicle from scratch