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Create and animate a wheel/rail-geometry function


To speed up simulation times, most wheel/rail-coupling elements requires that the wheel- and rail- profiles are given via so called "wheel/rail-geometry functions". These functions are created by preprocessor KPF.
However wheel/rail-coupling element creep_tanel_springs_1 do not need pre-calculated wheel/rail-geometry functions.

Download the example

Examine the directory "kpf"

Directory "kpf" contains of the following sub-directories:
gp Animation files created by pre-processor KPF
kpff Input data for program KPF
kpfr Wheel/rail-geometry functions created by pre-processor KPF
r_prof A directory containing rail profiles
runf Model of a wheelset

Run the example kpff/uic60_i40_i20.kpff

Double-click file kpff/uic60_i40_i20.kpff and select open->run with the right mouse button. The execution of program KPF will now start, using file kpff/uic60_i40_i20.kpff as input.

As output three result files will be produced:
kpfr/uic60_i40_i20.kpfr Wheel/rail-geometry function to be used as input in the main calculation programs in GENSYS
diags/uic60_i40_i20.pdf A PDF file showing the wheel/rail-geometry functions
gp/uic60_i40_i20.gp GPdat-file for animation of the wheel/rail-geometry functions

Examine the results in kpfr

File kpfr/uic60_i40_i20.kpfr is a plain text-file. Just mark the file by double-clicking the file and with the right mouse-button select open->op

View PDF results

File diags/uic60_i40_i20.pdf is a PDF file. View its contents by double-clicking the file and with the right mouse-button select open->run

For an explanation of the diagrams, see this link kpf.html#jOutput

Examine the results in postprocessor GPLOT